The Future of Transportation

HopFlyt is commited to providing the most comprehensive solution to challenges in the Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) industry. Our family of manned and unmanned aircraft have a broad market appeal and will bring the transportation of people, goods, and services farther, faster and safer.

HopFlyt at a Glance:

Novel and Advanced eVTOL Design

Scalable Family of Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

Patented Innovations:


Retractable Propeller Ducts


Variable Incidence Channel Wings


Channel Wing Tilt Mechanisms

High Efficency via Vectored Thrust Plus Vectored Aerodynamic Lift

Versatility Across Range of Markets

Talented Team with Expertise in Aircraft Design

Established Military Contracts and Technology Licenses

What Makes HopFlyt Different

Advanced Technology

HopFlyt’s patented design combines variable incidence channel wings with distributed electrical propulsion (DEP) for a revolutionary electrical Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) configuration. These advanced technologies are leveraged to create a highly efficient and versatile manned and unmanned family of aircraft.

Organizational Efficiency

We are able to achieve more with less. HopFlyt has reached it’s current stage of development with less than 10% of the financial investment required by most competitors. This is due to an efficient and lean development approach informed by decades of expertise in aircraft design, innovation, and certification, giving HopFlyt a competitive edge. 

Diverse and Talented team

HopFlyt’s diverse team team brings together talented engineers who have designed, built, owned, and operated aircraft for decades, as well as industy professionals with extensive business development, managment, and investment experience. 

Wide Market Appeal

HopFlyt has created a versatile family of aircraft to fill roles and bring sales across multiple markets within the Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) industry, including Shared Mobility, Transportation/Logistics, Public Service, and Military/Defense.

Expedited R&D

Working with our partners, HopFlyt benefits from an array of engineering and manufacturing resources and facilities. This will expedite the research, development, and production of HopFlyt’s family of aircraft.

Investor Relations

For further information, all current and prospective investors with any questions may directly contact:

Steve Sprout

Investor Relations
HopFlyt, Inc