From designing and building novel aircraft to working on projects for our military and space industry, our diverse and imaginative team has brought together skills to create the most comprehensive solution to challenges in the Advanced Aerial Mobility industry.

Rob Winston


BS Mech. Eng. & MS. Mech. Eng., Texas Tech

A lifelong fascination for aviation led Rob to get his pilot’s license at 16 and own his first airplane at 19. He is a retired U.S. Marine who worked as an operational test pilot, aircraft program manager, NASA test engineer, and aircraft designer and builder before creating HopFlyt.

Lucille Winston


BS Aero. Eng., Texas A&M

Lucille has applied her passion for engineering throughout her career. Her technical experience spans from testing ISS hardware with NASA, working as an aircraft propulsion engineer for the US Navy, and serving as lead engineer for aerospace defense programs.




HopFlyt is Incorporated

Maryland Industrial Partnership Award with University of Maryland

TEDCO (Maryland Technology Devleopment Corporation) Pre-Seed Funding

Aircraft Concept Designed


    First Subscale Prototype Developed and Flown

    First Patents Awarded

    Aviation Week Magazine Feature & Article

    Vertiflite Magazine Features & Articles


      Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis and Verification

      Initial Aircraft Structural Design Completed

      Full Size Fuselage Molds Built

      Full Scale Channel Wing Built for Test


      Initial Pre-Seed Round

      Flight Control Laws Development Program

      Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland Economic Development Association Announces HopFlyt as one of Maryland’s Future 20 Start Up Companies


        Strategic Partnership with The Albers Group for Military Aircraft

        Conceptual Design of Hybrid Unmanned Aircraft for USMC Warfighting Laboratory

        Multiple DoD Contracts through Albers relationship


          Multi-Million Private Investments Raised

          Began Move of Military Division to Amarillo, TX

          Began Move of Commercial Divison to Paducah, KY

          Three Aircraft Variants Designed


            Test Flights of Squall Prototype

            Investment from Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC)

            Began Series A Fundraining

              Our Partners

              In 2021 HopFlyt announced a partnership with Albers Aerospace that will further design and manufacturing capabilities. This strategic partnership will allow HopFlyt to feature next generation military grade design and access to industry leading materials to fly FARTHER, FASTER, SAFER.