On the cutting edge of aerospace design, HopFlyt leverages advanced and patented aerodynamic concepts to create an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that flies Farther, Faster, and Safer.

With a breadth of engineering and design experience stemming from NASA, DOD, and general aviation backgrounds, our team has created a novel aircraft designed to maximize efficiency across all realms of flight. Utilizing advanced patented aerodynamic concepts, high fidelity flight control systems, and recent advances in composite manufacturing processes, our aircraft will set the benchmark for performance metrics and usher in a new generation of eVTOL aircraft.


HopFlyt’s versatile and scalable family of eVTOL aircraft are designed to serve multiple roles in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry, including:

Commercial/Private On Demand Transportation

Whether it’s an intracity hop or an intercity flight of 200+ miles, the Venturi is designed to comfortably transport passengers quickly and efficently while avoiding traffic and congestion.

Logistics/Cargo Transportation and Delivery

With a variety of configrations, the HopFlyt family of aircraft can be integrated into the supply chain by providing aerial transport solutions.

Humanitarian Response

With our high speed, long endurance VTOL design, the HopFlyt family of aircraft can get anywhere quickly with a payload tailored for emergency response.

Medical Transport

HopFlyt family of aircraft can provide a solution for medical transport, from unmanned delivery of emergency medical equipment, to manned aircraft configured for medivac.

Wide Area Mapping

HopFlyt aircraft can be configured for wide area photogrammetry with a variety of multi-spectral sensors to aid in rapid mapping and analysis of large areas for agricultural, geographical, and other surveying needs.


HopFlyt manned and unmanned systems can be configured with a variety of sensor and logistical payloads to meet mission requirements.

Law Enforcement

HopFlyt family of aircraft can serve a varity of domestic roles from law enforcement to border security.


Safety is integrated into each step of design. Redundant power and propulsion, navigation, and advanced safety systems provide ease of mind and low risk point to point transportation. In order to exceed the current standards of aviation safety, our aircraft features a variety of advanced systems including:


Distributed Electric Propulsion


Independently Powered Contra-Rotating Propellers


Collision Avoidance Systems


Advanced Power Management


Next Generation Avionics, Communication Systems, and Airspace Management Integration


Autonomous Flight Capability


Robust Navigation and Flight Control System


Advanced Ballistic Parachute


Transforming the electric aviation industry, shaping the journeys of tomorrow, and inspiring a better future – one HOP at a time.

Our fully-electric design reduces the impact of emissions by the aviation industry: creating cleaner air, clearer roads, and a better tomorrow.

HopFlyt has a vision to bring back time to the consumer through sustainable and safe point-to-point transportation. This means less traffic congestion, shorter commute times, and a premium passenger experience. You’ll have more time to spend on the things that matter.