Transforming Transportation, one hop at a time.

HopFlyt’s mission is to be the world leader in aerial mobility under 200 miles.  At HopFlyt, we are developing new aviation technologies that save you time in urban environments during your commute.  We are shaping aerial transportation with fast, safe and reliable electric aircraft while sharing hops with the world.  Our team is empowered to do and dedicated to emissions free!


We are leading the innovation of new aviation technologies and opening the door to the new frontier of on-demand aerial transportation. Our patent pending electric VTOL design will reshape the transportation industry and solve the daily commuting problem for millions because we believe should innovation should improve peoples’ lives.


At HopFlyt, we are building an electric VTOL aircraft for the mass market. We are determined to drive the cost down of ownership to the point that mass market adoption will become a reality.

Environmental Preservation

HopFlyt aircraft are are highly efficient, battery powered and emissions free. We believe in the responsible use of sustainable energy to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of public transportation, so that the next generation can also enjoy earth’s beauty.

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Wings Herald - Aug, 2017

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