At HopFlyt, we are building the Venturi, an electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) aircraft with zero exhaust emissions that will reduce your commuting time to mere minutes.  The Venturi is a highly efficient and quiet solution to the problems of traffic congestion, noise and exhaust pollution.


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We are looking at transportation challenges differently and designing in “More Hops per Day!”


HopFlyt exists to innovate at the cutting edge of life and technology: challenging boundaries to make radical improvements to urban transportation and its effects on the environment. We believe in fast, safe and reliable transportation that is available to all and emissions free!

HopFlyt is about YOU

We exist to solve the problems of traffic congestion and exhaust pollution with innovative, cutting-edge aviation technologies.  We want YOU to move freely about your world so YOU can be more productive with your time instead of spending hundreds of hours stuck in traffic every year.  We want to HopFlyt YOU over the traffic with our electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (#eVTOL) aircraft, the HopFlyt Venturi.  HopFlyt is challenging all the boundaries to reduce travel times, improve travel safety and eliminate exhaust pollution with eVTOL aviation.


The HopFlyt Venturi is an electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

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