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HopFlyt achieves the lowest cost of operation and highest profit margins for transportation service companies because our design flies faster, carries more cargo, uses less battery power and achieves “More Hops per Day!”

Where we hold value

The HopFlyt patent pending design generates lift more efficiently, using less power, thus allowing greater battery efficiency, which in term allows spending more time flying and less time charging.

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A canard style tilt wing aircraft that incorporates high-lift ratio channels with electric motors. The design reduces complexity, total parts count and aircraft weight while producing high levels of thrust at lower power.

The HopFlyt Team uses state of the art high-strength and light weight materials that have been optimized through a generative design process to create more cargo carrying capacity than the competition.

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Our team has partnered with a cutting edge software company that uses the power of cloud computing to optimize multi-variable physics problems in design solutions. We are designing for maximum strength and minimum weight.

The HopFlyt design has a much faster turn-around time, allowing the transporting of more people, more quickly, and with fewer battery charges/swaps.

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We are using a systems engineering approach and our extensive aviation operations and maintenance experience to ensure that the HopFlyt design is optimized across all phases of flight from preflight inspections, to takeoff, landing and turn-around.