Investor Relations

A Closer Look at who and what we are.


HopFlyt is building an electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that flies from point-to-point bypassing traffic, reducing vehicle accidents & pollution while improving commuter productivity.


HopFlyt is a company that innovates at the intersection of life & technology. We are pushing that boundary to make a momentous improvement to millions of lives and the planet we live on.


HopFlyt is designing aviation technologies to save people time in city commutes, expand their radius of living, reduce CO2 emissions and improve travel safety.


We are developing new emissions free aviation technologies that save you time in urban commutes; shaping on-demand aerial transportation with fast, safe and reliable electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) aircraft; and sharing hops with the world

What is our strategy?

HopFlyt’s mission is to be the world leader in aerial mobility under 200 miles by building the world’s most sustainable electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that transports urban commuters farther and faster for less.

What can we offer?

Flyt2 is the only aircraft that combines sustainability, safety and speed in an advanced eVTOL aircraft design to achieve the smoothest ride experience, longest range and fastest turn-around times, so you can fly More Hops per Day, every day!

What makes us stand out?

Our patent pending design is the only electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft that can transport passengers up to 5x faster than a conventional design. Our customers can be more productive with their time now that less is spent commuting.

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